You can always learn something new.

I have been sewing since I was very small. My mother had me work on simple projects sitting next to her while she was sewing. I did learn early on that it is important to take your time, sew carefully and neatly. And if a seam doesn’t come out just right, it is worth your time and effort to tear it out and do it over.

I was in a sewing class at Custom Home Furnishing Academy a couple of summers ago. It was fun to learn how to make window treatments I had not tried yet and learn better ways to make the treatments I was familiar with. As a group of ladies that had a lot of sewing experience but different experience, we found ourselves sharing little tricks and shortcuts to make our work simpler and more efficient.

seam ripper

One such tip was how to use a seam ripper. For many years I have stuck the sharp end of the tool under each stich and cut that stitch. Some times I could rip out a seam a little easier by cutting every 4th or 5th stitch. It still took along time to rip out a whole seam. Our instructor asked – what is the red tip for on a seam ripper? She showed us how to flip over the tool, run the red tip just under the stitches and rip down a whole seam in one fell swoop. The covered tip keeps the ripper from tearing or cutting your fabric, it slides neatly under the stitches cutting them easily as you push the tool down the seam.

rippingNow I don’t have to worry about basting a seam, ripping it out and restitching. If there is a seam put in the wrong place it is quick and easy to fix. Sometimes it is the simplest thing that can make your sewing experience easier and more fun.

Don’t be afraid to try a new project or new tool. Do you have a favorite tip or trick? I would love to hear from you.


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