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It is official. I am a sewing geek. My family and I spent a day last weekend visiting the Museum of Flight in Seattle. It was more interesting than I expected. It was a very large place with so many airplanes, parts, gadgets, exhibits, explanations, things to touch, try and play with.

Museum of Flight
Museum of Flight

While my family was enjoying the history, cockpits, games and demonstrations, IMG_1844

I was in awe of the fabrics in the place. The earliest planes and gliders were made with canvas. Military flight suits of course were fabric and somebody had to sew them together, but the details of construction were amazing. IMG_1845IMG_1834

Why were they made to lace up in so many places? Why did they use French seams on the shoulder? IMG_1836What kind of fabric is this or what is it coated with? IMG_1838

The Space Shuttle Trainer cargo bay was completely lined with a type of canvas with a lot  of velcro and buttons. IMG_1839

Living in space takes many specialized tools and systems. So how do you keep your toothbrush from floating around the space station? IMG_1842You sew a tool belt with individual elastic holders for all your toiletry items. IMG_1843

Weight limits in space are also a constant consideration. How do you make a light weight organized tool box? with fabric of course. IMG_1841

I walked around from display to display marveling at the designers, technicians, and sewers that created such practical and beautiful items. It would be fun to hear their story some day.


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