Cabana Curtains

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I was asked 6 weeks ago if I could make cabana curtains for a new apartment complex – and have them finished in 5 weeks. One week to take measurements, write an estimate, order materials – 120 yards of fabric, 24 dozen grommets, 12 rods, 36 brackets, 24 end caps. Second and third week was spent finishing up other projects and waiting for materials. Week four and five we cut, sewed, cut and pressed and stitched, inspected, folded and bagged all 24 panels. The hardware was not ready to ship until the end of week 5. The cabanas were still surrounded by mud and not ready for curtains. Middle of week 6 the hardware went up, but it was still too messy to hang fabric. Today the curtains went up. Thank you Teri, Ethan, Patsi, Phil, Charlie and Travis for all your help.

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