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I recently had a chance to add to a piece of history. Tacoma is rich in history. Tacoma also has many beautiful homes that each have their own story to tell of how they make up a part of that history. The current owners of this home asked me to dress a couple of windows with balloon shades. “Did I know how to make these? And could I have them finished in a few weeks for their home was going to be on the Historical Home Tour this year.” Yes, I would be happy to help.

I have made several roman shades in different styles. This was my first set of balloon shades. I wanted to make them full and rich looking to coordinate with other window treatments in the house. I also needed to make them using the new safety approved hardware. So I read about how to put them together and watched a video or two, ordered the parts and started in.

The owner had picked the design where the fabric is gathered at the top. The instructions gave some guidelines on how full the gathers should be. I wanted these to be rich and full. So I made the panels a bit wider than recommended. That was a mistake, I should have followed the instructions. Balloon shades get their fullness from the extra length of the panel that is then pulled up from the bottom and sits in poofs. saggy shades

This shade hung in long, limp droops. I didn’t like the proportions.

So I took apart the panels to a certain point, took out the extra fullness and tried again. This time it worked much better. altered shades

I then figured out the new EZ rig hardware from Rowley Company and finished putting the shades together. These shades can be lowered or drawn up with the chain loop on the side. There is safety shroud tape on the back of the lining that the cords run through to protect anyone  from becoming entangled in long cords.


The homeowners loved them. hallway shade  balloon shade


This house is known as the Branscheid house built in 1899. You can read more about it here.


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